Build Your Own Spinning Wheel

At long last the plans for the Indian Head spinning wheel are now in store. Crikey, they’ve convert old sewing machine treadle to spinning wheelbeen a long time in coming!

With twenty nine detailed drawings , together with numerous close-up photographs and an informative description of the project, this package contains all you need to know in order to convert an old cast iron sewing machine treadle into an heirloom spinning wheel.

Download Your Set of Spinning Wheel Plans


spinning wheel plans, build your own

The treadle-mounted Indian Head spinning wheel is ideally suited to turn out heavy/chunky yarns, however, that does not mean it cannot also produce the finest of yarns.  The heavy flywheel and huge orifice though, allow the lumps and bumps of art yarns to easily draw through.

To the best of my knowledge, these machines have never been commercially produced and yet there are dozens, if not hundreds of them in daily use.  Each machine is unique and these plans guide the home builder to select the features they like and incorporate them easily into their own versatile  spinning wheel.

As usual, the many hours spent in creating these plans have all been dedicated to the rescued llamas and alpacas in the Llama Sanctuary and all proceeds from the sale of these plans go directly to supporting these wonderful creatures.  Thank you for helping them!

Download the full package of plans, photographs and detailed information to build your own spinning wheel – 



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