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It’s voting time again and we would really, REALLY love you, if you head over to Spin Artiste and look through the wonderful array of artistic entries in the latest ‘Secret Stash’ fiber art competitioncompetition.

For anyone who has entered into this type of competition before, you will understand just how demanding it can be.  Entrants receive a package in the mail containing a number of different items and within a time constraint, these have to be creatively transformed into something appealing.   There’s nothing quite like a bit of pressure to bring out some hidden talent.

The latest package was entitled ‘The Ottoman Empire’ and contained an array of richly coloured fabric swatches, dyed roving, silky dyed locks, a tangle of sheep’s wool, a miniature art yarn and a big tassel.  According to the competition rules, we are not allowed to reveal which entry is ours until after the voting closes. This is to avoid unfair voting for those entrants who have a big learning fiber artmailing list or extensive following on the Internet.  So, you’ll just have to browse through the photographs and select the entry that you believe has made the best use of the materials ….and that’s the way it should be!

Competitions like this really help to raise the bar on artistry, pushing the boundaries of each entrant and encouraging others to have a go themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to vote!

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