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Simple three step Process to extend finished length of hand woven runner This rug will be 6′ but longer lengths can be achieved too!
Lynne, Fiber Artist and Teacher at Fibre Arts BootCamp
Loom showing top of work previously extended over top of frame and fixed in place. Now it’s time to lengthen the working area again!

Step 1

Lay loom on flat surface with working side uppermost and unworked warp strands underneath.

The floor is a good surface!

  Gently ease top dowel out of one side of loom Rest dowel end on frame Ease dowel out at other side and rest on frame in the same way as before

  Both ends of dowel laying on top of loom. Step 1 completed!

Step 2

Repeat process with working edge (lower) dowel


Slide warp strands toward the side of loom where dowel end is being removed.

Step 3

Lay dowel underneath frame

  Gently ease upper dowel (top of work) down to lower edge of frame

  Image shows work being lifted to show lower edge of work with warp strands visible

  Determine how much space you want to create Insert spare dowel into place to create fold area

  Bring the top edge dowel up and over the folding dowel

Image on right shows top edge of work in new position

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Art in Aid of The Llama Sanctuary
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