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Mega Hooks

is it a knitting needle? Is it a crochet hook?'s both and more

Size 17 Mega Hooks (1/2″ diameter)

This is the smallest size Mega Hook available from FAB, because this is where the standard range of knitting needles and crochet hooks usually ends.  They don’t know what they’re missing !!

Size 20 Mega Hooks (5/8″ diameter)

If these Mega Hooks scare you, then this is probably not a bad place to get your feet wet.


Size 35 Mega Hooks (3/4″ diameter)

As thick as your thumb …I know,  I know, I haven’t actually measured YOUR thumb; just indulge me in this metaphor,   but imagine what you could thumb-knit if your thumbs were three feet long!   You might have to adjust the way you hold your coffee cup, however.


Size 50 Mega Hooks (1″ diameter)

Now we’re talking!  This is the middle of the range, at least until I find some bigger sticks of maple wood, and a one inch knitting stick is going to knit you a Throw, 60 inches long and 40 inches wide in an afternoon.  Just don’t forget to collect the kids from school, okay?


Size 60 Mega Hooks (1.25″ diameter)

Pick up a size 60 and you might actually be grateful for that friend of yours who keeps dragging you off to the gym or cajoles you into groaning along with the rest of the yoga class.  As we break the ’60’ barrier, you will see a whole new world of fiber artistry unfold before you.


Size 67 Mega Hooks (1.5″ diameter)

This is where most sane people call a halt to experimentation.  if you don’t want big holes in your project, you are going to need some seriously chunky yarn.  Why do you think we have all of those videos showing you the Indian Head Spinning Wheel?  There aren’t many machines capable of producing the kind of yarn you need now, but don’t let that stop you.  And as a genuine word of caution, if you use these big sizes a lot, remember to take regular breaks, we don’t want any poorly wrists now, do we?


Size 84 Mega Hooks (1.75″ diameter)

If you’re reading this then you have just slipped off the sanity chart and if you don’t go to the gym right now, then you should. Bench-pressing two size 84 Mega Hooks that are four feet long requires some serious muscle power and more than a smidgen of adventurous spirit.  You might want to consider sitting in a sand chair close to the floor or even in a row boat and use the rollocks to support these babies, because I’m not joking when I say that they are HEAVY!   You might also want to find another friend to make a special bracket so that you can hang them on the wall when not in use, because they are also absolutely gorgeous as fiber artsy ornaments.

…and just to give you a feel for the size, that little toothpick in the bottom of the photograph is a regular 4mm crochet hook, like the one you have sitting in that pretty, earthenware jar in your workroom.  I can see through walls you know!

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