Learning to Knit & Other Good Intentions

shearing a llama

We have a pretty busy calendar of workshops lined up at Fibre Arts Bootcamp this year, so if you’ve had a burning desire or even a faintly warm desire to commence or expand your fiber skills, then make 2013 YOUR year. We are all full of good intentions, but as Samuel Johnson famously quoted ‘The […]

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Summer Fibre Activities

children learning to spin, teaching fibre arts

If I have nightmares about drowning in an ocean of alpaca and llama fibre, crested with roving  of pure white sheep wool, it wouldn’t surprise me; that’s almost how it has felt every day for the past month.  We have a lot of fibre that needs cleaning and we really want to have it processed […]

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Mega Knitting ~ Basic Casting Off

art yarn, video tutorial, what is mega knitting

To complete the Fibre Arts Bootcamp mini-series on Mega knitting basics, we need to look at casting off and once again the hooked needles make the process much faster and smoother when working with chunky art yarns. Since we only have a single stitch on the needle at any one time, we can dispense with […]

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