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Rag Rug Weaving – Free Video Tutorial Series

Rag Rug Weaving – Free Video Tutorial Series

With winter almost upon us once more, and the abbreviated daylight in which to chase weeds, build fences and groom llamas, we can turn our attention once more to those indoor projects that we’ve been yearning to get on with.  In my case, rug making is my passion, well...

Fiber Arts Inspiration on Pinterest

So, you’ve mastered your new spinning wheel and spun a beautiful alpaca/merino art yarn.  It has the right amount of texture and twist and it’s perfectly stable.  You’ve spent another couple of hours hand-dyeing the yarn and when you hang it up to...

A Good Lesson on a Spin-Well Spinning Wheel

In my lengthy article yesterday, about the workings of the spinning wheel, I drifted slightly away from the opening statement that had me frustrated with the results of my spinning.  My frustrations were the result of trying to spin worsted, when I’ve been spinning...

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